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Antonio Gozzi founded Idro Meccanica at the end of the ‘60s. He started the production of natural gas compressor and boosters based on a simple hydrostatic transmission. In 1966 we produced our first compressor

We produced our first compressor
We produced our first hydrogen compressor
Pressure range up to 450 Barg
Compressors produced


Idro Meccanica compressors are hydraulically driven. The oil and the gas sections are separated by a short single-compartment distance piece vented to the atmosphere. The vent lines for oil and gas could be collected and checked from time to time to control the status of the seals. The gas section is non-lubricated and due to the separation and the double seals the oil carry-over is virtually none.

Code of Ethics

Idro Meccanica partecipates to GLOBAL COMPACT committing to make the ten principles part of its business strategies and day-to-day operations.
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