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Antonio Gozzi founded Idro Meccanica at the end of the ‘60s. He started the production of natural gas compressor and boosters based on a simple hydrostatic transmission. In 1966 we produced our first compressor.
During the first years the company expanded and developed different models, several covered by international patents, to meet the needs of the market.
Nowadays Idro Meccanica have produced more than 1500 compressors for natural gas, nitrogen, hydrogen and hydrogen/methane blends.


Idro Meccanica compressors are hydraulically driven. The oil and the gas sections are separated by a short single-compartment distance piece vented to the atmosphere. The vent lines for oil and gas could be collected and checked from time to time to control the status of the seals. The gas section is non-lubricated and due to the separation and the double seals the oil carry-over is virtually none.

The flexibility of the hydraulic system helps in having compressors and boosters that could accept a wide range of inlet pressures. Some of our units could also be used as compressor/boosters to fill and then intake gas from a high-pressure storage in order to achieve high flow-rate in direct fill.
The booster compressor are also the most suitable solution for daughter refuelling stations as they do not need to reduce the pressure from the mobile storages being able to accept a wide inlet pressure range, e.g. from 250 down to 3 barg.

Idro Meccanica compressors could have a maximum of five stages in one cylinder. The best-sold models are two and three stage compressors/boosters.

Most of the units could also be supplied in twin version with two compressors assembled on the same frame in order to reduce installation space. The twin solution could also be used with two different models in order to combine a booster with a low-pressure compressor.

The selection of the correct model is usually carried-out together with the potential customer taking into consideration the type of gas, available inlet pressure, required outlet pressure and rate of flow.
Most of the units could be tailored on the customers’ needs with just small modifications from our main PED certified standard models (more than 50).

Idro Meccanica compressor , complies with Directive 97/23/CE, (Ped)
– Project applied norms: AD2000 Merkblaetter
– Notified body: TÜV Italia CE 0948

Moreover, Idro Meccanica compressors comply with Machine Directive 2006/42/CE; for safety area and complies with the following armonised norms:
– CEI EN 60204-1
– CEI EN 60439-1
– CEI EN 60079-14

Components installed in dangerous area complies with Atex directive 94/9/CE (Atex)
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Our production system makes use of technologies to control atmospheric emissions and takes care of waste treatment in order to achieve minimal environmental impact and maximum savings of energy and water resources.
Idro Meccanica operates in full compliance with industry regulations for workers rights and safety at works.
Moreover, Idro Meccanica embraces the UN global compact principles.
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Idro Meccanica and its personnel is constantly involved in developping their products.
Synergy and co-operation with Italian and foreign Universities allows Idro Meccanica to be able to apply the most appropriate technology choice and performance advantages of innovative solutions.

This graphic represents a fatigue test made in cooperation with University. We continuously look for new materials to be used on different surfaces.
Software developped by Idro Meccanica in order to have full parameters control on their compressors.